8 French gourmet foods to try right now

8 French gourmet foods to try right now
8 French gourmet foods to try right now

French cuisine, at its core, is all about making beautiful and refined food from simple ingredients. There are some mysteries and wonders in French cuisine that still attract people’s attention. gourmet French food – classic, sophisticated, refined, but also hearty and rustic, is present not only in fine restaurants but also in the simple dishes we enjoy every day. French gastronomy is unmatched, from decadent and delicate foie gras to the most sumptuous and delectable charcuterie and sweets. Fill your basket with the best of France – don’t forget the France gift box, the perfect gift! Gourmet Deli is delighted to offer such a great selection of French gourmet food.

1. Foie Gras

Foie gras is a delicacy known for its distinctive sweetness and rich taste. Duck that is purposely fattened to produce a liver that is larger and fresher than usual is used to make foie gras. While many identify foie gras with pate, they can enjoy this gourmet delicacy in many different ways.

2. Lavender honey

French lavender honey is delicious sprinkled over fruits like figs and raspberries and as an ingredient in lemon pound cakes, pumpkin bread, candied sweet potatoes, and gingerbread. The flavours of lavender and honey complement many rich foods.

3. Escargots

Escargot, in its purest form, is a snail served in its shell (or, in France, it can simply refer to a single snail). While there are snails in water and on land, land snails are an excellent food source for escargot and other snail-based dishes.

4. Gourmet mustard

Gourmet mustard is low carb, gluten-free, trans-fat-free and fat-free—some sugar-free gourmet mustard. You can use Gourmet mustard when preparing appetizers.

5. Provence herbs

Provence herbs are an aromatic blend of dried Provençal herbs and spices, which traditionally include thyme, basil, rosemary, tarragon, savoury, marjoram, oregano and bay leaf.

6. Porcini & summer truffle cream

A creamy cream. With a woody and wild taste of porcini mushrooms. Related to truffle glory

7. Rose petals jelly jam

Rose petal jam is a sweet condiment made from rose petals. Made with fresh or dried rose petals and traditionally made with Damask rose (Rosa damascena), a fragrant dark pink rose.

8. Apricot shortbread cookies

Apricot Shortbread Cookies with perfect flavour, buttery, melts in your mouth! These cookies are golden brown with a slight crunch, making them the best shortbread cookies ever!