A Culinary Guide to Cyprus

Audria Easterly

Like Cyprus by itself, Cypriot meals has a long record and many influences. It is equivalent in quite a few methods to Greek and Turkish food items, while there are some especially Cypriot dishes. Numerous Cypriots continue to improve their very own food and keep animals: eating fresh new, property-manufactured dishes is component of the way of lifetime on the island.

The locals are fiercely proud of their culinary heritage, and you may typically uncover nearby dishes alongside the pizzas and sandwiches in intercontinental vacationer dining establishments. Of program, the greatest locations to sample Cypriot foods are small village tavernas, off the tourist path.

Cyprus makes a huge assortment of meals. Olives can be found developing all over the island, as they can elsewhere in the Mediterranean, and are a staple crop. New greens, fish and shellfish, and meats of all kinds are all popular on Cypriot tables. Below are some of the greatest regional dishes:


Identified across Greece and Turkey as properly as Cyprus, meze is a typical food that truly sums up the delicacies in this element of the earth. A superior meze will include a variety of distinctive aspects – hope up to 20 different dishes which includes halloumi or feta cheese, hummus, shrimps, squid, smoked ham, artichokes, cucumber, tomato and vine leaves. It is normally accompanied by local wheat-bread. Just about every taverna will have its possess just take on the meze – if you happen to be visiting the island, it is really worth striving a lot more than 1 to review.

Fasolia yihani

Fasolia is a very simple dish of haricot beans in a spicy tomato sauce. It can be eaten by itself with bread, or as an accompaniment to meat. It is usually served up with some freshly chopped raw onions. You will come across Fasolia yihani really a lot any place you go in Cyprus – it is to Cypriot food stuff what dhal is to Indian.

Crimson Mullet

Red mullet is a single of the most usually identified and well-known fish observed in Cyprus, introduced in by neighborhood fishermen every single working day. It can be discovered served in a range of unique techniques, generally fried with a tomato based mostly sauce. The freshest and finest pink mullet in Cyprus can be observed in tiny seaside tavernas.


This is a actual Cypriot dish. It is discovered throughout Greece as perfectly, but its origins are said to go back to Cypriot liberty fighters in the nineteenth century. Hiding out in the hills, they stole lamb or goat from farmers, and cooked it in a clay oven to steer clear of any one looking at the smoke. The present day edition is cooked with spices and served with potatoes and tomatoes, and is extremely tender. It is a celebration dish in Cyprus, so would be a excellent dish to attempt at a nearby village fiesta.

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