Avoiding a Red Penis: Steps for Preventing Balanitis

Avoiding a Red Penis: Steps for Preventing Balanitis

Guys take great pride in the appearance of their rods, so an inflamed, red penis is something most men prefer to avoid. Penile redness is often the result of balanitis, and employing routines that ensure proper penis health is an excellent way to prevent this condition.

What is it?

Simply put, balanitis occurs when the glans of the penis becomes inflamed. In addition to redness, there is usually significant soreness, swelling and itchiness. An unpleasant odor may also develop.

Balanitis is more common in men who are intact than in men who are circumcised, but men who are cut do sometimes get balanitis. There can be several things that cause the condition, including STIs. However, a man shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that his red penis means he has an STI; there are many less worrisome causes, and a doctor can determine what is at the root of the problem.


Among the possible causes of balanitis are phimosis (a situation in which the foreskin is too tight) and diabetes, as well as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, lichen planus and thrush. Bacteria and allergic reactions to items such as soap or detergent can also bring it about.

Most of these causes can be addressed through proper penis care. Phimosis and diabetes are the exceptions. Balanitis caused by phimosis may be helped by gradually loosening the skin; cases caused by diabetes can be addressed through proper management of that condition.

Penis health

Far too many men assume that a quick rinse in the shower is all that is required to keep the penis in proper health. In fact, a bit more preventive care is necessary.

For example, a doctor’s advice may be necessary if skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis are chronic. Various ointments or medications may be prescribed to treat the underlying cause that makes the penis skin more likely to suffer.

Once the underlying cause of balanitis can be determined and treated, a man needs to make guided penis care a part of his daily routine. This includes:

– Washing the penis regularly. If the man is intact, he needs to take a little extra time to make sure that he is cleaning underneath the foreskin. Dirt and bacteria can build up under the foreskin, and that can exacerbate existing balanitis or create conditions for a recurrence of the problem. Also, men who are prone to balanitis should wash the penis soon after engaging in sexual activity.

– Using an appropriate cleanser. For individuals with skin conditions, a doctor may recommend a special hypoallergenic soap for use on the penis. Those using “everyday” cleanser should look for a soap that has natural ingredients and does not include unwanted chemicals or fragrances; these can cause irritation to the sensitive skin of the penis. Whatever cleanser is used, it should be washed completely off of the penis.

– Drying carefully. Because the glans is so sensitive, men should use a soft towel and gently dry the equipment after washing. Rubbing too vigorously and/or with a rough towel can cause extra irritation.

– Applying an appropriate crème. Regularly using a top-notch penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) on a red penis can help keep the tool healthy and strong and can deliver soothing relief when balanitis is present. It’s important to select a crème that is infused with potent but natural hydrating ingredients. Shea butter, a high-end emollient, should definitely be listed in the crème’s ingredients, as should vitamin E. This powerful combination will help create a moisturizing seal that provides significant protection. Another combination to look for: acetyl L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid. This dynamic duo reverses damage to cell mitochondria and restores penile cell health, aiding in the fight against balanitis.