Caution! Harmful Shellfish Warning Remains

Caution! Harmful Shellfish Warning Remains

I loathe to spoil the celebration
But I will explain to you so you know
This is no time to dabble
The toxic shellfish warning remains

Yeah I know it can be not suitable
And I know that seafood has generally
been your favored foodstuff
But is just not it greater to be safer than sorry?

A person explained to me that Minor Johnny Brown
was found significantly less than a person mile from city
Close to Spider Cove and Kittery Bay
The Calamari bought him
He experienced squid hanging from his ears
And Octopi in his experience

And did you listen to about Katie Sperry
She was identified shut to the Winston Ferry
They mentioned that the minnows bought her this time
Of course, they had been an ornery faculty of fish

But I really don’t suggest to scare you
You know that I hardly ever did
But I want you to consider 2 times
Picking up your fork and spoon
should not be so effortless anymore

Contemporary fish would appear to be the solution
And you can get them just a small way down the pike
I listen to that old male Jefferson has a whole refreshing shipment of caviar
It is the orange variety
They are the one’s that you like to distribute on your buttermilk toast
So don’t dangle your head and moan
Of course everything could be improved
But at times tolerance is a advantage
And you know there are continue to plenty of healthful fish swimming
in the Ivory Sea

In addition to, counting your blessings is in no way a very good factor to do
It is a lousy omen and this would not be a constructive indication for you
It would certainly be far better for you to consider a careful path
Just try to remember that greedy scallops can be located nearly all over the place
In truth, just a single month ago Susie Hyde identified one sleeping in her skirt

But very good information has been reported just about everyday
A little batch of crayfish have reportedly been caught
with their antenna’s down
Very important data was received and some experts
consider that in a few shorter months it could no lengthier be hazardous
to go swimming following dark

So polish your damp match if you will have to
but maintain your swimming trunks helpful
It will nevertheless be valuable to go to chapel
But retain a crystal clear intellect
I consider that with continued improvement
the working day of reckoning will be a time for incredible pleasure
The crimson tide will begin to have a ripple outcome
And in its wake anyone will say a prayer, sing a tune,
and start off to pay attention to the music of Brian Wilson