Feeding Otocinclus Catfish – 3 Simple Guidelines on What to Feed an Oto

Audria Easterly

Otocinclus catfish can be very helpful fish to have in your aquarium. They will gladly graze on any soft brown or environmentally friendly algae that grows in your tank. On the other hand, what comes about when your Oto eats all the algae and it will not improve fast sufficient to maintain your catfish? Effectively, there are various other sorts of food items that you can incorporate to supplement your Oto’s diet regime.

1. Otos love to try to eat clean veggies. Veggies these as spinach, romaine lettuce, parsley, cucumber, zucchini, environmentally friendly beans, and peas are all fantastic possibilities. Minimize them into smaller parts and then blanch them, as these catfish will need the veggies to be gentle in buy to try to eat them. If there are any vegetables remaining in the tank around 24 hours later on, make guaranteed to take them out in advance of they filthy the h2o.

2. One more food items that you can feed your Otocinclus that they appreciate is frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp. These are a superior supply of protein that your catfish may not if not get, as they are mostly vegetarian. If you have other fish in your tank, be informed that your Oto may well not get to the frozen food items in advance of any other fish do, as nearly all tropical fish go mad for these frozen food items.

3. A 3rd fantastic option is algae pellets and flakes. These are easy to feed and are fairly wholesome. Make certain that the ingredient checklist has spirulina (algae) near the top rated, as that is what appeals to the catfish and may perhaps be the variation in between your Oto ignoring the foods and having it.

As you can see, there are lots of unique meals that you can feed your Otocinclus if your tank would not have sufficient algae for the fish to try to eat.

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