French Cuisine For the Everyday Cook – 4 Ways To Simplify The Complex

French Cuisine For the Everyday Cook – 4 Ways To Simplify The Complex

When it comes to getting complicated in the kitchen, the first cuisine novice cooks think of is French. Whether it is presentation or preparation, it always seems that our European food lovers always do it so fancy. If you love cooking and are looking to get into a little more exciting menu, French cuisine can be just the thing you need. Don’t let this distinguished culinary culture with the complicated tongue twisting titles throw you off. You can have a terrific culinary experience and here is how.

  • Invest in Some Good Tools

    While you don’t need to stock your kitchen with tons of expensive equipment. I few standard, quality tools can really improve you’re chances of success. First and foremost, invest in a good chef’s nice. A quality knife will slice, dice, carve, mince, and chop everything you need to get through a meal preparation. You may also want to invest in a smaller, paring knife for peeling or cutting small delicate vegetables or other ingredient.

    Among other tools you should consider investing in are utensils like a wooden spoon and a whisk, as well as a garlic press, cheese grater, and a pepper mill. For those of you who really want to invest in quality kitchen gear, nothing can ever really take the place of an electric mixer and bowls.

  • Use Quality Ingredients

    When it comes to food preparation, the final product is only as good as the ingredients you put into it. If you cook with sub par or barely fresh veggies and meats, the taste is going to come tell that story. The same is true for extremely cheap spices and oils. It’s not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on only the finest, but it is a good idea to invest a few extra dollars into higher quality products like olive oil, garlic, cooking wines, and produce. If you wouldn’t eat it or drink it you shouldn’t cook with it.

  • Get Educated

    In order to successfully execute French cuisine, it’s essential that you have a basic understanding of it’s techniques, principal, methods, and ingredients. Grab a few cook books or look online to find French cuisine basics. Do some reading and find out what ingredient combinations appear frequently, what kind of cooking methods are most often used, and what that means for you’re cooking experience.

  • Experiment

    When it come to perfecting anything, practice and experimentation is key. Taste test you’re food while you’re cooking so you can decide whether it needs more or less of something. Cooking often and testing it while you’re cooking is a great way to adapt recipes to you’re specific taste. In French cuisine, frequent experimentation and practice is essential to a quality end product.

    Experimentation is also vital to establish you’re own cooking style. Changes you make to the recipes you use will lead to different variations of the same dish and sometimes even the creation of a new dish. Eventually, over time, you will establish a style of cooking unique unto your self. If you can improve.