How to maintain an abundance of squash and zucchini


It does not take long to turn out to be overrun with squash and zucchini. Even with just a few plants, there’s additional than you can eat just months after they start producing fruits.

By the way, my yellow squash and zucchini vegetation are in overdrive. And even though I really like fried squash and zucchini slices, sautéed squash and zucchini in garlic butter and zucchini bread, I can only eat so a lot ahead of it starts off going poor.

Even after sharing with buddies, spouse and children and neighbors, we’re going to have an abundance of squash and zucchini. It is time to start out taking into consideration some preservation techniques.

Preserving squash and zucchini can be tricky since they are not hugely acidic and they comprise a high dampness content.

Canning squash and zucchini

Squash and zucchini ought to be preserved working with a tension canner for the reason that they have a pH previously mentioned 5.. Safely and securely canning any low acid food stuff demands a force canner to make certain temperatures high plenty of to demolish Clostridium botulinum spores that deliver a harmful toxin.

However, processing squash and zucchini at these superior temperatures in a stress canner would compact them and create an undesirable mush. It will also take lengthier to system the food mainly because of its inclination to come to be compacted. For these reasons, canning is only advisable underneath exclusive conditions.

Adding acidic vegetables. Incorporating tomatoes to squash or zucchini to raise the acidity within just each individual canning jar can lower down on the time it will take to procedure in the strain canner and deliver a additional desirable end outcome.

Pickling. Pickling summer time squash and zucchini is a different choice. Introducing vinegar to pickle squash and zucchini boosts acidity and sugar aids organization the products and keep it crisp. Calcium chloride can be additional in little quantities to guarantee a lot more crispness. Pickled squash and zucchini can be processed in a boiling water canner or an atmospheric steam canner.

Earning relishes. Summer season squash and zucchini can properly be canned as an component in a relish. Can be processed in a boiling h2o canner or an atmospheric steam canner.

Freezing Squash and zucchini

Due to the fact of their substantial dampness information squash and zucchini can be difficult to freeze. Greater ice crystals are ready to form on squash and zucchini as they freeze, which damages cell buildings and results in them to launch extra humidity when they thaw. Freezing and thawing can induce squash and zucchini to lose their firmness and grow to be watery.

While it can be challenging to make certain a high-quality products by means of freezing squash and zucchini, it is not impossible. These finest techniques can assistance:

  • Blanch or steam blanch squash and zucchini before freezing to minimize enzyme reactions.
  • Awesome and drain the product or service speedily immediately after blanching.
  • Blot with paper towels to take out surplus moisture.
  • Prevent squash and zucchini parts from sticking jointly and lessen freezing time by freezing food on a tray. This will also lower thawing time when cooking, which decreases the amount of time for fluid to move out of mobile walls and squash and zucchini to crack down and grow to be mushy. Immediately after individual parts are frozen they can be saved alongside one another in a freezer bag.
  • Squash and zucchini freeze well when presoaked in a casserole. The starchy foods in the dish will soak up the water when it thaws.
  • Zucchini bread also freezes very well wrapped in major-responsibility foil or plastic wrap and saved in a freezer bag.
  • Grated zucchini for baking can be portioned and stored in the freezer for later use. Steam blanch grated zucchini. Then break up into portions for personal recipes and store in containers leaving 1/2-inch headspace. Neat containers in chilly drinking water before sealing and freezing. When thawed for use dump any excess liquid prior to employing.

Drying squash and zucchini

Squash and zucchini are also complicated to dry because of their substantial humidity content material. Nonetheless, they can be slash into skinny slices, dried and made use of as chips. Just be guaranteed to observe these guidelines:

  • Retailer in an air-limited container.
  • Refrigerate or freeze quickly after drying.


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