Lose Stomach Fat Fast – Guidelines That Melts Belly Flab Like Butter

Lose Stomach Fat Fast – Guidelines That Melts Belly Flab Like Butter

Lose stomach fat fast – how they are making you fat !

I like to share with you the answer to the question that millions of people struggle with each and every day. That is how to lose stomach fat fast. There is no secret to losing the fat around your stomach or anywhere else in your body; it’s not impossible and it’s not painful at all. Firstly, please don’t be frightened by the word diet. Diet is just a term used to describe what you eat in a day.

When most people hear the word diet they think of starving and eating very plain and unfavourable foods. The secret to losing body fat is simple, burn more calories than you consume. But what you are probably asking yourself right now is “how do I do that?” Please read on I will let you know…

First let me fill you in on the basics of eating. Very simplistically I am going to let you know how your body works. You only have 3 types of macronutrients to remember: 1) carbohydrates 2) proteins 3) fats.

Please don’t be afraid to eat carbohydrates they are not your enemies. Please remember that low carb diets are temporary ways to lose weight they are not permanent! You can think of carbohydrates as food for your body. When you exercise your body uses carbs to supply you with the energy to build muscle. Carbs are basically “food” for your muscles. They provide the energy for your body to perform all your daily activities! Carbs can be broken into two sub categories complex carbs and simple carbs.

The easiest way to remember the difference between the two is simple carbs are your fruits and sugars and complex carbs are your whole wheat, grains, potatoes, beans etc. So what is the big deal with these difference types of carbs? Let me tell you.

This is one of the most important things about diet that you must remember: eating too many carbohydrates will make you fat. You need to know how many and when to eat these carbs. So I want you to do this eat simple carbs before and after you workout and eat complex carbs throughout the day.

Why? When you eat simple carbs your body can use this energy very quickly and your muscles will be fed properly so when you exercise you will make the most gains. If your muscles do not have this energy available it will use other nutrients that are not as efficient as an energy source and are not supposed to be used as energy because they are needed for other things and that is not good! Complex carbs break down slowly and will make you full longer and since you are not doing vigorous exercise your muscles do not need a quick supply of “food”.

Proteins are building blocks for your muscles. Proteins are so important; they are involved in so many bodily processes. One of the major problems with low carb diets is your have extremely high proteins in your diet and since your muscles have no “food” your body converts the protein you are eating into molecules that will feed your muscles. This is a horrible way to nourish your body; it’s not energy efficient and it as a result it has bad side effects.

If you want to lower your body fat and lose stomach fat fast, you must make sure that you are eating a sufficient amount of protein. Why? Well when you exercise you damage your muscles and they need to be rebuilding so carbs will supply the energy to repair the muscles and proteins are the materials used. It’s kind of like building a house the carbs are the workers and the protein is the wood. Simple enough? I think so.

Finally fats! I know fats don’t have a good reputation as healthy nutrition but please don’t be afraid of fats. In order to lose stomach fat fast you need fat and I know that sounds crazy. You need the “good” fats but not too many. Easiest way to get good fats is to visit your local health food store and grab Flex seed oil and include 2 to 4 table spoon to your daily diet.

There you have it. Now you have a good understanding of the 3 different macronutrients and how they are different from each other. Remember to lose stomach fat fast you need to make it a discipline and make 1 % improvement to your diet and fitness and in 1 year you will have 365% improvement.