Maybe Broccoli Doesn’t Like You Either

Maybe Broccoli Doesn't Like You Either

Friends! Hi, hello! Welcome to your Sunday.

I realized this week, after chatting about Love Languages with Will that my love language is SANDWICHES. Sandwiches, and if I get to pick two sides they’d be and words of affirmation and physical touch.  Shopping for and subsequently crafting an epic sandwich is a devotion I take very seriously.

Rosemary sourdough, basil pesto, grilled chicken breast, sharp Irish cheddar, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, salt, pepper and mayonnaise. The sandwich must be sliced in half, speared with a sandwich toothpick, served with chips, and presented with a casual air.  Completely casual.  Carry on.  A compliment will come.

And here’s the thing about loving behavior. We have the mandate of giving it to our very selves, too.  All that to say, you know I made myself a monster sandwich with just as much care as I put into Will’s.  Pesto is such an underrated sandwich condiment!

The offering this week is below. I hope there’s something you need here.

  Do you have dreams about being in school?  I have a recurring nightmare that I’m in college and I’ve completely forgotten I’ve registered for a class and neglected to go to it all semester to find myself on final’s day with not a single clue what to do.  The nightmare of being unprepared is such a drama for me. Why adults still dream about school.  (The Atlantic)

 What Are Your Three Core Values?  Family, curiosity, joy (duh), creativity, warmth. That’s five.  Having more core values can’t hurt, right? (Cup of Jo)

  I have a picture on my bathroom wall of my best friend Whitney and I with pipe cleaner crowns on our heads at the going away party she threw for me as I moved from Los Angeles to New Orleans. We both had big genuine smiles on our faces and big tears welling in our eyes.  This piece is that feeling: Home is where your best friend is.  (Harper’s Bazaar)

  This week’s episode of “You’re Wrong About….” you really just can’t even believe it:  Survival in the Andes with Blair Braverman (Apple Podcasts)

 The Magical Thinking of Joan Didion’s Estate Sale or Maybe Broccoli Doesn’t Like You Either (The Atlantic)

  Four pies have come out of my oven this week which means IT’S ON (literally the oven is powered on and spiritually it’s go time).  If you’re gearing up and want to know the nuances of your oven before you put a pie inside, here’s how to test your oven and make toast at the same time. (Joy the Baker)

•  I don’t yet know where I’m eating Thanksgiving dinner but I know that both Browned Butter Cornbread with Salted Cranberry Butter and Roasted Brown Butter Sweet Potatoes will be on the menu.  (Instagram)

•  Bought myself this wyld life shirt as a treat.  (Atwyld)

  Apparently You Can Own a Private Rail Car and Hook it up to an Amtrak train.  What now? Who is living this life? Come to the front of the class. (Apartment Therapy)

 A case for leaving your phone on focus mode.  (The Verge)

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends! I’m thankful we’re here together.

My love to you.

xo Joy