Re-Canning Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Re-Canning Cheddar Cheese Sauce

My spouse and I frequently decide on up the gallon measurement cans of cheddar cheese sauce from SAMs club for use on Nacho Chips or in Macaroni and cheese foods for my grandson. We see the strategy of purchasing the sauce this way is both of those inexpensive and expense-efficient even so it is normally extra than what we can use within just a acceptable volume of time. Normally the product or service will be opened for use in a pair of meals and then go poor even though sitting idly by in the refrigeration.

Soon after significant considered we truly feel that we have a option to this trouble. We made a decision that canning the remainder of the cheese for some future time would resolve this concern entirely. I need to make point out at this time that the treatment I am about to present is not recommended by the USDA nor is it described in the Ball Blue Reserve of Canning. In accordance to the USDA, it is thought of perhaps unsafe to can solutions of this character. In truth they usually discourage the canning of selfmade dairy products and solutions totally. It will be up to you to make your very own decision as to what risks you are willing to acquire in buy to can cheese solutions.

The course of action I will explain is for the standard cheese sauce and not the nacho flavored sauce generally marketed. We have as but not experimented with canning the Nacho Cheese. I will have to have to see the finish component listing in get to identify the harmless pH degrees concerned with the solution. You can use either pint jars or the 12 ounce Ball Jars commonly bought at most well known office merchants this kind of as Wal-Mart. The 12 ounce jars are taller even so I believe that they conduct heat a little bit much better than their pint dimensions cousins.

To commence the system get the gallon can of Cheddar cheese and then pour it into a large pot. Put the pot in the oven on the most affordable setting until eventually it is fluid like in regularity. Insert it to the sterilized jars and regulate the lids accordingly leaving a person 50 percent-inch head area in every single container. Course of action the pints in a boiling drinking water bath canner for at least 60 minutes.

These can readily be made use of for macaroni and cheese, placed on baked potatoes or even made use of to make scalloped potatoes. Is just not it time you prepared for those future emergencies that we all see coming in our not to far upcoming?

Joseph Parish