Shrimp and Veggies With Pasta, Capers, and White Wine

Shrimp and Veggies With Pasta, Capers, and White Wine

Qualified chefs and property cooks find inventive uses for leftovers. Their recipes are typically outstanding. I had some leftover spaghetti on hand and some frozen shrimp that was setting up to develop freezer burn off. A thrifty person, I couldn’t discard these substances, and decided to merge them in an authentic recipe.

When I looked in the vegetable drawer of my refrigerator I identified a crimson pepper, a modest zucchini, and a yellow onion–food items that go well together. When I checked the pantry cabinets I found some rosemary bread sticks imported from Italy. Ta da! I had the makings of a wonderful meal.

I stay in the Midwest and fresh new fish, other than Walleye and trout, is tricky to get. Supposedly fresh new fish is displayed in retail outlet conditions, but this fish can be frozen fish that has been thawed. Eating fish that has been frozen, partly thawed or thawed, and re-frozen can set you at danger for food stuff poisoning.

Several years ago I ate a breaded fish patty sandwich (frozen fillet) and developed Scombroid Fish Poisoning. Much to my shock, gigantic hives appeared on my human body. One particular hive protected an total thigh. I’ve in no way overlooked this knowledge and am cautious about keeping frozen fish fully frozen. If I obtain frozen fish I inquire the workers man or woman if it’s seriously contemporary, or defrosted fish.

Considering that this recipe is made up of loads of vegetables, I failed to bother to take care of a salad. If you want to spherical out the food with salad, go in advance and do it. Don’t anticipate a thick sauce with this recipe. Instead, the pasta and shrimp are flavored with a thin sauce produced with butter, wine, and garlic.

Pick out a dry white wine that will compliment the recipe elements, not overpower them. My spouse and I liked this recipe and I think you will take pleasure in it way too. Because it is really wintertime in Minnesota, I warmed the pasta bowls in advance of I dished up supper. Serve this recipe with bread sticks, crusty bread, or garlic toast.


20 frozen, cooked huge shrimp

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 medium onion, halved and cut into crescents

1 little zucchini, quartered and slice into 1/2″ chunks

1 red pepper, seeded and minimize into 1″ strips

1 teaspoon garlic salt

Freshly floor black pepper to flavor

3 tablespoons butter

4 tablespoons little capers, drained

1 cup dry white wine

Parmesan cheese for garnish


1. Thaw shrimp in accordance to offer instructions. Take out tails and established apart.

2. Coat skillet with olive oil. Convert warmth to medium.

3. Increase onion crescents and cook until tender.

4. Insert zucchini and red pepper. Cook dinner 5 minutes.

5. Scatter shrimp over vegetable combination. Increase pasta and toss with tongs to incorporate. Transform warmth to low.

6. Year pasta and veggies with garlic salt, black pepper, butter, and capers.

7. Pour white wine above mixture. Include and simmer around small heat for 5-8 minutes.

8. Spoon into significant soup bowls. Garnish liberally with Parmesan cheese. Would make 4 servings.