St Lucian Culinary Specialties

Audria Easterly

One of the components attracting massive crowds of holidaymakers to the Caribbean each year – aside from the solar, surf, local weather and laid-again ambiance – is the food. With a uniquely tangy, spicy flavour – a great deal in retaining with the warm persona of the locals – Caribbean foods is a strike among western travellers, who make a issue of sampling it when traveling to any of the islands on the archipelago.

It would be faulty, nevertheless, to consider these specialties are interchangeable through all the islands in the Caribbean. It is crucial not to fail to remember that every single of these islands is a nation unto by itself, and as a result graced with their have unique specialties. St Lucia, for instance, has a special culinary style, extremely various from individuals observed in Jamaica or other islands in the archipelago – as friends remaining in just one of the location’s luxurious resorts, these as Cap Maison, will soon obtain out.

Creole Delicacies

Much like the the vast majority of the nation’s way of lifetime, St Lucian cuisine is seriously influenced by the island’s Creole heritage. Traditional specialties relished by the locals blend this prevailing influence with traces still left by the British and French colonialists to produce a special culinary flavour, which has contributed to get the island ranked among the most effective in the Caribbean for foodstuff and consume by prestigious publishing group Conde Nast.

Visitors being at resorts this sort of as Cap Maison have the option of sampling these appetising dishes in a much more gourmet bundle – at a person of the on web site dining places – or head out on to the streets to get a first-hand flavor of the authentic, regional variations. Unsurprisingly, even though the previous is undeniably eye-catching as a proposition, it is the latter which ends up enticing most holidaymakers on holiday break in St Lucia.

Consuming What Mother nature Provides

Also unsurprisingly, most of the nationwide specialties attendees of Cap Maison and other resorts can taste through their forays into town are centred all-around ingredients simply discovered on the island itself. Fish and seafood dishes, for illustration, play a predictably massive purpose in St Lucian gastronomy, as do fruits and greens, which the locals pretty often farm or plant themselves.

The formal nationwide dish is saltfish and eco-friendly figs, typically accompanied with fried banana. Other delicacies vacationers may perhaps taste while keeping at the island consist of accra – a cod fritter – crab and conch and, by way of British colonial influences, curry. An array of area veggies and fish, as very well as conventional British and French dishes, comprehensive the St Lucian menu, creating sure those much less adventurous people do not go hungry for the duration of their holiday.

Community Drinks

Aside from its vibrant and tasty dishes, the island is also regarded for its refreshing drinks. Coconut water, drunk straight from the husk, is a community favorite and, of course, Caribbean rum is legendary. Coffee liqueurs and sodas are also much appreciated, furnishing something for all tastes.

Guests remaining at resorts these as Cap Maison must try to sample as numerous of these conventional delicacies as doable when spending a getaway in St Lucia, to round out a definitely authentic experience.

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