Top Zucchini Recipes: Map Shows Most Popular Zucchini Dishes by State

Zucchini bread > banana bread. There. Someone had to say it.


Summer is winding down, but at-home gardeners are still relishing in their crops. Especially those green-thumbed folks who decided to grow zucchinis. It’s peak season for the green vegetables, which means wannabe farmers are looking for creative ways to use them. Zucchini is pretty versatile and everyone’s got a preferred way to cook them—some of which may be influenced by where you are in the country, according to this map from Google.

Those who are drowning in zucchini are turning to the internet to find creative ways to cook up their squash, whether it’s as a side, for dinner, or a dessert. According to Google’s data, a majority of those looking up zucchini recipes in the United States are interested in baking the perfect zucchini bread. Some, however, are searching for healthier alternatives, like zucchini boats and roasted zucchini recipes, according to a spokesperson for the company.

Courtesy of Google

Here’s the top zucchini recipe in each state, plus DC.

  • Alabama: zucchini and linguine
  • Alaska: zucchini relish
  • Arizona: zucchini bread
  • Arkansas: zucchini bread
  • California: stuffed zucchini
  • Colorado: zucchini boat
  • Connecticut: zucchini bread
  • Delaware: zucchini bread
  • District of Columbia: chicken and zucchini
  • Florida: zucchini boats
  • Georgia: baked squash and zucchini
  • Hawaii: roasted zucchini
  • Idaho: zucchini bread
  • Illinois: fried zucchini
  • Indiana: zucchini bread
  • Iowa: zucchini bread
  • Kansas: zucchini boats
  • Kentucky: zucchini bread
  • Louisiana: zucchini boats
  • Maine: zucchini bread
  • Maryland: zucchini casserole
  • Massachusetts: stuffed zucchini
  • Michigan: zucchini bread
  • Minnesota: zucchini bread
  • Mississippi: keto zucchini lasagna
  • Missouri: fried zucchini
  • Montana: zucchini bread
  • Nebraska: zucchini bread
  • Nevada: stuffed zucchini
  • New Hampshire: zucchini bread
  • New Jersey: zucchini noodle
  • New Mexico: fried zucchini
  • New York: zucchini noodle
  • North Carolina: zucchini noodle
  • North Dakota: zucchini bread
  • Ohio: zucchini bread
  • Oklahoma: zucchini cake
  • Oregon: zucchini bread
  • Pennsylvania: zucchini bread
  • Rhode Island: zucchini bread
  • South Carolina: zucchini bars
  • South Dakota: zucchini bread
  • Tennessee: zucchini casserole
  • Texas: roasted zucchini and squash
  • Utah: fried zucchini
  • Vermont: zucchini bread
  • Virginia: zucchini boat
  • Washington: zucchini bread
  • West Virginia: zucchini bread
  • Wisconsin: zucchini bread
  • Wyoming: zucchini bread

It’s not just the US that’s zucchini-crazed right now. Croatia is actually the top country searching for information about zucchini, followed closely by Slovakia and Hungary. The top zuc-related searches people are looking up include:

  • How to cook zucchini
  • How to cook zucchini noodles
  • How to make zucchini noodles
  • Is zucchini good for you?
  • Is zucchini a fruit?

All fair questions. In the US, zucchini searches typically peak in August, along with the vegetable’s season, according to Google. People start thinking zucchini in May, however. According to Google’s information, around that time people start looking into “how to grow zucchini.” A majority of Californians and Floridians search for stuffed zucchini recipes, while people in the Pacific North West, New England, and parts of the midwest appear to be on the hunt for a good zucchini bread recipe.

if you’ve got zucchini on the brain, you’re not alone apparently.

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