Ways To Start A Mason Jar Business In 2022

Ways To Start A Mason Jar Business In 2022

With their ability to keep food fresh for months or even years, mason jars have become a staple in kitchens worldwide since their introduction in 1858. Today’s consumers, who are known for their ingenuity, are constantly coming up with innovative ways to put Mason jars to use.

To be successful in the mason jars in bulk industry, you need to put in a lot of time, energy, and, most importantly, love.

This post is a comprehensive resource for anyone curious about mason jar sales or considering selling mason jars online.

1.  Homemade Baked Goods

Packaging specialty baked products in decorative jars like Mason jars is a terrific method to attract attention and sell more of them. Cookies, scones, shortbread, and muffin tops are all excellent vehicles for utilizing organic products. Put some ribbons or tags on the jars and sell them at your local farmers market.

2.  Healthy Beverages And Smoothies

If you can come up with a truly original recipe, you can make a killing in the healthy beverage industry. While you probably won’t need approval from the Food and Drug Administration or the United States Department of Agriculture to juice your vegetables, fruits, and grains.

It’s still a good idea to check with the appropriate authorities on a national, state, and even city level. You can create a following at gyms and outdoor stores and then transition to online sales.

3.  Popcorn With Added Flavorings

One of the simplest methods to start a side company is to make and sell flavored popcorn. Popcorn can be flavored with cheese, garlic, thyme, caramel, or even wasabi, to name just a few of the dozens or hundreds of possible toppings.

4.  Decorative Bird Feeder

Make a beautiful bird feeder out of a mason jar, and you can feed the birds as well as yourself. They’re built in various ways, from primitive forms to elaborate ones using terra cotta saucers and other components. This helpful guide by Cottage Life will get you up and running in no time.

5.  Various Spices And Herbs

Fresh herbs and spices are a culinary dream for every cook. Contact local organic herb and spice producers to acquire their produce in bulk.

Make use of Mason jars to present your wares, and then sell them singly or in sets to specific customers in your area and online for a good profit.

6.  Boxed Cake and Pie Mixes

Recipes like pumpkin pie and chocolate cake are favorites of busy cooks because they are easy to make and require few ingredients. Putting together Mason jar kits with all the dry ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg, or coriander is a breeze.

You may make money off of your “simply add eggs and milk” jars by selling them on marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon. Just make sure to pack them in quality boxes by a reputable rigid box wholesale supplier. This will make sure all your delicate goods are safe

7.  Mixing Glasses

It doesn’t take much ingenuity to convert a regular Mason jar into a functional cocktail shaker. A colander-style screen and a suitable lid are all that is required.

They will sell much faster if you package them with non-alcoholic ingredients like little bottles of bitters and a booklet of drink recipes. Put your brand’s name front and center by painting it onto the shaker.

What’s The Market Value Of Mason Jars?

The primary factor here is how much time and effort went into the design and construction of your products. We’ve seen people sell their Mason jar creations for as little as $15 each and as much as $50.

It’s crucial to strike a balance between your ideal selling price and what people are actually willing to pay for your wares. Look up prices for comparable mason jar crafts online if you’re stuck for inspiration.

You can see what others are selling similar items for on Etsy and get a feel for the going rate.

Tips On Sourcing Mason Jars

  • Don’t panic if you have no idea where to get Mason jars. Glass jars, which can be used to create high-demand products, can be sourced from various sources.
  • Check the Internet as your first port of call. Whether you are looking for medical plastics manufacturer or a glassware supplier, the internet has the best solutions. Mason jars are widely available on retail sites such as Amazon and handmade marketplace Etsy.
  • Also, you can try looking at your local craft stores or even home improvement stores for inspiration. These retailers can find Mason jars in a wide range of sizes and colors.
  • The dump near you is another fantastic area to locate Mason jars for sale. Not all landfills allow this kind of scavenging, so you should call beforehand to make sure. However, a growing number of landfills are grateful when consumers remove Mason jars from their possession because upcycling is becoming increasingly trendy.
  • There was a huge boom in canning in the 1940s, and people still regularly shop at big box stores to stock up on canning supplies. Mason jars may be purchased in the kitchen area of most major retailers, including Target and Walmart.
  • Internet auction houses such as eBay and Craigslist are another option. A simple web search should turn up several vendors offering Mason jars at steep discounts.
  • Unlike most of the companies in the pasta sauce industry, Classico actually uses glass Mason jars, just like you would use at home, to keep their spaghetti sauces. Don’t let these jars end up in the trash if you’re a “sketti” fanatic.


Following these methods, you’ll be able to market your Mason jar creations like a pro and maybe even take commissions to make works of art!

That’s lovely to say you’ve been keeping yourself occupied in the craft room.

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