White Rice vs. Brown Rice: What Is the Change?

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When it arrives to white rice vs brown rice, the distinction is variety of noticeable, at least on the surface—but what is the precise variance among them, and why is brown rice more healthy than white?

The background of rice cultivation stretches further more back than most crops—some investigation indicates that it was to start with domesticated as quite a few as 13,500 yrs in the past. Nevertheless it was not definitely till the well being foodstuff motion of the 1960s and 1970s that brown rice even registered on most Americans’ radars. In truth, it nonetheless hasn’t thoroughly shed that hippie-dippy graphic, generally the underdog to the white rice that retains sway in almost everything from sushi to jambalaya.


Brown rice’s healthful reputation can be traced to the point that it does certainly have far more vitamins and minerals. Brown and white rice equally begin out from the exact substance: grains encased in a protective husk. Right after harvest, they both go by means of a milling course of action to reveal the brown rice beneath, which has an outer coating known as the bran and a little opaque nugget acknowledged as the germ. This bran is prosperous in fiber though the germ is loaded with B nutritional vitamins and minerals like magnesium, zinc, and iron.

That bran layer doesn’t just give brown rice its signature earthy flavor, but also affects how it cooks. Due to the fact the fiber in bran acts as a kind of protecting barrier, it helps make it tricky for moisture to go as a result of and get absorbed by the grain.

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The other downside to the bran layer? It contains phytic acid, which can prohibit the absorption of vitamins and add to mineral deficiencies, as properly as promote tooth decay—but only if eaten commonly. If you do take in brown rice routinely, soaking it right away will help mitigate these consequences.

You may have also listened to about arsenic in rice as with phytic acid, there is additional existing in brown rice than in white, but you’d have to take in a large amount of rice for it to be a difficulty. Also, cooking it with extra h2o than standard can assistance.


White rice doesn’t have the bran—it goes a move further more and is “polished,” shedding the bran and the germ (which will make it a refined grain), leaving only the starchy endosperm, which does not offer you considerably nutrition-wise aside from energy and carbs. Stripped of the bran, the bare endosperm can soak up drinking water quickly, which is why white rice gets to be tender and cooks a lot faster. If you seem at our standard recipes for brown and white rice, for case in point, you’ll see that white only normally takes about 15 minutes to prepare dinner, even though brown takes up to 50 minutes, regardless of making use of extra or significantly less the exact same method.

White rice not only is made up of much less vitamins and minerals, but has a higher GI (glycemic index) rating than brown rice, that means it can lead to blood sugar spikes. If you have form 2 diabetic issues or at risk for creating it, you need to be thorough about the quantity of white rice you eat.

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If you are on a particular diet program, it’s superior to know that each white and brown rice are reasonably significant in carbs (hence the increase of cauliflower rice), but are gluten totally free.

If you are searching for possibilities to rice, test a person of these full grain choices.

When it is cooked, sure. Brown rice is chewier and nuttier than white rice, but you can use it as the base of a salad, fried rice dish, or to soak up a curry or bulk up a stir-fry anywhere you would use any variety of white rice. Leftover brown rice can be turned into rice pudding as well.

If your recipe will involve cooking the rice as component of the dish (like our Tacky Baked Rice recipe), the cooking time and liquid content material will not be the same if you try out to swap in brown rice, so use your finest judgment.

Inside of the types of brown rice and white rice, there are many more varieties—jasmine rice, basmati rice, and sticky rice, for instance, all come in both of those brown and white versions, but there are other distinctions that different them, like the size of the grain.

See our guide to rice for additional info (together with on black rice and wild rice…which isn’t actually a grain at all).

Irrespective of whether you go for brown or white, know that no matter, you are consuming one of the oldest, most broadly consumed grains relished by humankind. Here are seven recipes to rejoice that reality:

1. Primary Steamed White Rice


Here’s your go-to rice-cooking method: By rinsing the grains before you cook them, you get rid of any excessive starch, for an conclude products which is light and fluffy without staying overly sticky and gluey. Get our Simple Steamed White Rice recipe.

2. Simple Steamed Brown Rice


Brown rice calls for a little bit extra patience—it takes about an hour from start out to finish—but the end result is generally value the hold out, with huge flavor and heaps of healthful vitamins to sense very good about. Get our Essential Steamed Brown Rice recipe.

3. Rice Pilaf


Pilaf receives added taste from currently being simmered in broth—and from currently being toasted in the pan right before incorporating the liquid. If you really don’t now, you must have a recipe like this in your back again pocket it’s a trusty all-purpose side dish that goes with just about everything. Get our Rice Pilaf recipe.

4. Spanish Rice


Whether it is in burritos or alongside spicy favorites like chiles rellenos, a batch of Spanish rice is a no-fall short way to spherical out a Mexican-impressed food. Get our Spanish Rice recipe.

5. Gai Lan and Shiitake Stir Fried Brown Rice


Fried rice may possibly be a greasy takeout staple, but that doesn’t signify that you simply cannot health and fitness it up. By utilizing brown rice and leafy Chinese broccoli, it gets to be a powerhouse in both equally the flavor and the nutrition departments. Get our Gai Lan and Shiitake Stir Fried Brown Rice recipe.

6. Brown Rice Veggie Burger


Portion of the beauty of brown rice is that, like other complete grains, it is hardy sufficient to be mixed into bigger recipes without the need of turning to mush. In these veggie burgers, it provides heft and substance, aided by veggies and spices to develop a patty that actually is truly worth biting into. Get our Brown Rice Veggie Burger recipe.

7. Simple Rice Pudding


Since white rice is pretty considerably all starch, it is your greatest pick for rice pudding—as it releases that starch into the milk it is simmered in, it receives progressively creamy and thick, sticking to the again of your spoon just the way you want it to. Get our Fundamental Rice Pudding recipe.

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